School: An Corr Dubh (roll number 14339)

Corduff, Co. Leitrim
Pádraig Mac Giolla'n Átha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0227, Page 093

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0227, Page 093

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    made off, Myles caught the foal and trained him. He was supposed to be the fleetest horse in the country, no soldier on horse back could catch him.
    It is said that one day when he was letting him out he hit him with the bridle; he made off and was never seen again.
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  2. Giants and Warriors lived in this district in former times. They generally lived in caves and often fought among themselves.
    It is said that they used to move rocks from one place to another. There once lived a giant in Scotland and he came over to fight an Irish giant. (defeted the) The Irish giant was the stronger
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    Peter Curran
    Lugganammer, Co. Leitrim