School: Crannach, Inis

Cranny, Co. Clare
Mícheál Ó Maolchaoin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0603, Page 021

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0603, Page 021

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  1. A few hundred years ago there was a man by the name of Thomas Purtill who resided in Carrowreagh West. This particular man was compelled on a certain day to visit an agent in Ennis to pay the rent.
    So it was arranged that himself and his partner should leave for Ennis at eight o'clock. Before he left he trenched a furrow twenty four yards long.
    Then himself and his partner set out for their long journey, a distance of about seventeen or eighteen miles, and they walked it all the way. When they reached the agent's residence of course they got no salute but "have you money."
    When they had the rent paid they brought a penny worth of bread, and began their journey homewards. When Thomas Purtill came home he trenched another furrow.
    On another occasion when Thomas Purtill got married a little distance, good distance from home he built a little cabin. One night
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    Maureen Doyle
    Michael Crowley
    Carrowreagh West, Co. Clare