School: Crannach, Inis

Cranny, Co. Clare
Mícheál Ó Maolchaoin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0603, Page 082

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0603, Page 082

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  1. Once upon a time, there was a woman and her husband was buried, this woman had a son named Joe, and they resided in Galway When Joe was a big man, he said to his mother that he should get married, his mother opposed this, and said that he could not get married, that the land was her possession. The two had a great quarrel for sometime, so Joe told his mother that he would go to the landlord to see what he would say. So he arose next morning at an early hour and he trotted off barefooted. At last reaching his destination he knocked at the gate, but the servants would not allow him in, they told him the land lord was seriously ill. so Joe struck a heavy thump on the gate and all the bells began to ring. At last the land-lord told his servants to let him in. Joe entered the room in which the land-lord was. the land-lord asked him what was bothering him. Joe told him his story, and
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    Kitty Mc Mahon
    M. Doyle
    Carrowreagh West, Co. Clare