School: Crannach, Inis

Cranny, Co. Clare
Mícheál Ó Maolchaoin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0603, Page 063

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0603, Page 063

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  1. There was a woman long ago and she started to knit a pair of stockings for her husband for Sunday. So she began on Saturday evening. It is not right for any one to start working on Saturday evening because the work would not be ever finished. So she knitted away until twelve o'clock. Then she got hungry but she had no spring water inside. People should have spring water in at night so as not to bring the fairies around the house. She heard a voice when she was coming home from the well telling her to hurry home that fairies were after her. The voice told her to throw out the feet water and to take a pick out of the cak and to bolt the door with some irons. She was just inside the house when the knock came to the door. She asked who was there and they said not to mind who was there but to let them in quickly. She said that she would not because it was too late. Then they called to the iron bar that she had in the door to let them in. The iron answered
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    Michael Mc Grath
    Michael Mc Grath
    Carrowreagh East, Co. Clare