School: Oileán Faoide

Whiddy Island, Co. Cork
Conchobhar Ó Ruairc
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0284, Page 237

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0284, Page 237

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  3. XML “The Whiddy Gig”

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    When you read of the wild ruffs of Kerry
    And think of the bold Rossmacones.
    When you hear the wild roars of the Ranties,
    They would remind you of Cromwell of old.
    They stormed our brave men of Whiddy,
    And boasted they'ed tow them all home,
    But alas when the signal was given
    The Ranties were left in the course.
    Their gigs they launched out in the morning.
    Each coxwain awaiting his call,
    But alas when the signal was given
    Then Whiddy leaped out like a ball.
    God bless our brave Paddy Downey.
    The captain oe'r them all,
    Like-wise his four brave oarsmen,
    Whose hearts are like the wall.
    God bless the man that made this boat,
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    1. genre
      1. poetry
        1. folk poetry (~9,504)
    Maighréad Ní Dálaigh
    Reenaknock, Co. Cork