School: Cullen, Tiobraid Árann (roll number 7245)

Cuilleann, Co. Thiobraid Árann
Seosamh Mainséal
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0581, Page 236

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0581, Page 236

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  1. Signs of fine weather: -
    (i) Cattle grazing on the highest point of a field;
    (ii) The crows flying high;
    (iii) When the cows scatter around the field after being milked
    (iv) When the smoke goes straight up.
    (v) A dull haze.
    (vi) When the Galtees appear far away.
    (vii) Mist rising from the mountain-side
    (viii) Rainbow in the evening.
    (ix) When the swallows fly high.
    (x) Red sky at sunset.
    (xi) Dew on the grass in the morning.
    Signs of bad weather:-
    (i) Rain may be expected when the wind blows between Longstone Hill and Cullen Hill
    (ii) It is the sign of wet weather when the cows stay in the same place after being milked.
    (iii) Rain is imminent when there is a ring around the moon; when the swallows fly low; when the dust blows along the road; when the crows go in under the eves of the houses; when the cat turns his back to the fire; when the Galtees look near; when the wind whistles; when there is a blue flame in the fire
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