Volume: CBÉ 0220 (Part 1)

The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0220, Page 0115

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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0220, Page 0115

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  1. Long long ago there was an ould woman who lived in the vicinity of Laghaow, and she was very poor and her husband died when she was very badly off and left her with tree sons and wan daughter. The daughter was the youngest and she was only ten years of age when her father dies. The eldest son was now sixteen years of age and the mother soon sent him out to earn his living and work for himself as she was no longer able to keep him. So wan fine summer's day the mother gave her son her blessing and off he went lighthearties enough an all was new to him. He went on and on until he came to a cross road and there he stopped to rest and he lay down his load of old clothes that he has on his back and took something to eat. He had some [?] bread in his pocket and a bottle of milk and he ate and drank until he was full and there was some watercress there also and he ate way on it.
    When he was full he took
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    6 July 1936
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    AT0560: The Magic Ring
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