School: Poll Réamoinn (Cailíní)

Pollremon, Co. Galway
Treasa, Bean Mhic Diarmada
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0014, Page 304

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0014, Page 304

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  1. There are many customs connected with marriage. The first preparation for marriage is the “match.” When a boy is ready for marriage he sends a man to ask some girl he likes. If he is not refused the match-making takes place. The man who is getting married tells how much land and stock he has and the girl tells how much money she has. Then the girls people go to see the man’s land and they bring a spade with them and they dig parts of the land to see what depth of a sod was in it. The girl’s name is put down with the mans for the land if please. Sometimes they quarrel because the man does not want the girl’s name to go down with the land. On such terms the matches are broken.
    A day is then appointed for the wedding. Early that morning the young man goes to the girl’s house and they set off to the church. They go in two different cars but they come home in one car. Long ago they went on horse’s backs and they came home on one horse. The man brings with him the best man, a married woman and a young girl, and the bride brings the bridesmaid. Before they get married they have arranged with the Priest. Most get married with Mass and others don’t. The bride is supposed to wear something old and something new
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