School: Poll Réamoinn (Cailíní)

Pollremon, Co. Galway
Treasa, Bean Mhic Diarmada
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0014, Page 319

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0014, Page 319

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    In June when the stalks are in bloom and covering the ridges they are sprayed.
    In October they are dugged with forks. This is a fork..... The women and children pick them. The sound potatoes are put into pits and the rotten ones are put into other pits. A pit is made in this way. One of the potato dykes is cleaned with a shoval or spade and clay is piled up in one end.
    There are two kinds of spades garden and field spades. This is a garden spade...... and this is a filed one...... These are got in the shops. The varieties of potatoes sown in this district are Old Champion, Stripe Champion, Kerrs Pink, Irish Quenn, American Rose, Epicure, Arran Banners, Germans, Aranchiefs, Uptodates, Early Roses, May Queens, Bands, Railways, Blues and Golders Wonders and July Defenders. The best potatoes that grows in this district are Aran Banners.
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  2. The Potato Crop

    Long ago starch was made from potatoes.

    Long ago starch was made from potatoes. First the potatoes were washed thoroughly and peeled. Then they were washed again and scraped with a clean scraper. It was then squeezed with clean linen. Then it was put steeping
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    Mrs Connelly
    Pollynoon, Co. Galway