School: Poll Réamoinn (Cailíní)

Pollremon, Co. Galway
Treasa, Bean Mhic Diarmada
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0014, Page 310

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0014, Page 310

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  1. Long ago there were many types of industry carried on locally by now not as much. Candles were made from wax and sheep's tallow, and soap was also made from sheep's tallow. The men made baskets, scibs, and cleaves. These they made from rods and also straw mixed with soda. For baskets they got seasoned rods and boiled them in a pot. Then they peeled them and were ready for use. Strong ones were then got and they worked the smaller ones on those and formed the basket. They also made the handle and lid from the same material. The scibs and cleaves were made in this way. First of all the hoop of a herring battel was got. Then they got four thick rods and fastened them together, and then thin ones were woven in and out. Spades, gates, ploughs, and fire-cranes were made in forges but now very few are made. Spinning and weaving were (calle) carried on very much and yet in some places when a person wanted a blanket they got the best wool from the sheep. This they teased and oil was put on it. Next it was carded into rolls. Then it was spun on a spinning wheel to be woven into blankets. They also spun for stocking, jumpers, and cardigans. Some people make rugs out of bags. They spun
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