School: Eanach Mór (roll number 13912)

An tEanach Mór, Co. Mhaigh Eo
Mártain Ó Braonáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0142, Page 118

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0142, Page 118

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    them, and the people could not pull the tree from him. After a time they got the boat made some way or other, and had it left below at the shore. A great wave came and swept the boat out where the people who got all that of trouble by it never seen it anymore.
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  2. One time there was a boy & he was very fond of card-playing. One night he was coming home from card-playing & on the road he met a man, a table & a deck of cards. The man asked the boy to have a game with him & he was so tempted that he started card-playing. When they were cardplaying a while the boy thought to go home. The man would not let him go. A blaze of light came out to the man's mouth & the boy fell dead on the road. You see from the Story it was a bad spirit that was in it.
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  3. One time there was a man and he had a servant who was a very good worker. The man could not get any work that the servant would not be able to do. This night he told him to get the sheet that was under him and have it to show it to him in the morning. What did the servant do but go out and rose up a man that died a week before that and brought him to the master's window and left him there. When the master woke up he saw the man outside and he thought it was a robber. He got up and went
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