School: Eanach Mór (roll number 13912)

An tEanach Mór, Co. Mhaigh Eo
Mártain Ó Braonáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0142, Page 98

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0142, Page 98

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  3. XML “Dirty Woman and Butter”
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    she went up on a stool to reach the Salt agus do thuit sí ar a tón síos ins an im. When the men came to their dinner she used to put her hand to her Tón and bring back a Glám of butter and throw it on the plate and say "Sin é an t-im breágh agus ith do sháith."
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  2. One time a man was saving hay and it began to rain. He went into the house but his wife had not the dinner ready. He said why hadn't she the dinner ready and the woman said that she was waiting for him to go for the water as he was wet. The man said nothing but went out and got the water and came and threw it on top of the woman. Then he said "aren't you wet now and get the water"
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  3. One night a woman was up spinning late and she heard a voice telling her to go to bed. She did not heed it, but next morning she could not see her work. She waited up next night but a stranger came in and told her not to be working late or she would soon lose all. She never waited up after that.
    M. K. Kenny has a habit of waiting up late at night sewing. One night she was at it and the candle was quenched like as if some one blew it out. She went to bed as quickly as she could and did not wait up late again.
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