School: Dealgain (roll number 11770)

Dalgin, Co. Galway
Breandán Ó Riain
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0041, Page 045

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0041, Page 045

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  1. There was once three mice living in a barn. One day they were out searching for a dinner. They had not travelled far when they met a cat and he agreed to go with them. They went on until they came to a pot of stirabout. They brought it home but they could not think of a place to hide it. At last the cat thought to hide it in the church. They all agreed and were very happy to know that they had food for the winter. One day the cat went out and he told the mice that he was going to a christening. When he came home he said the name was ["top-off'] Next day he went on the same journey When he came home he said that the name was "half-out"." Do you fancy it mousie". "I never heard such a name before" said the mouse. Next day the cat went again. When he came home the mice said. "what is the name this tike lazybones" "All-out" laughed the cat "do you fancy it." "Never
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    M. Keely
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