School: Dealgain (roll number 11770)

Dalgin, Co. Galway
Breandán Ó Riain
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0041, Page 128

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0041, Page 128

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  1. This poem was a great pastime for the people long ago and they used to say it around the fire at night and this is it:
    A was an archer that shot a frog.
    B was a butcher that kept a big dog
    C was a captain all covered with lace.
    D was a drunkard that had a red face
    E was a squire with all pride in his brow
    F was a farmer that follows the plough
    G was a gambler that had very bad luck
    H was hunter that hunted the buck
    J was a joiner that built up a house
    K was a king that governed the mouse
    L was a lady that had a white hand
    M was a merchant that lived by his trade
    N was a noble man all gallant and gay.
    O was an own that could not see day
    P was a person that could not bow down
    Q was a quaker that lived by the road.
    R was a robber that hanged by the rope
    S was a sultan as great as the pope
    T was a tinker that mended the pot.
    V was a minister that had a good shot
    W was a watchman that watched by the night
    X was the exercise that cross the black sea
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    1. genre
      1. poetry
        1. folk poetry (~9,504)
    Johnny Flaherty
    Baunmore, Co. Galway