School: Cúl Árann (Clochar)

Cúl Árann, Co. na Gaillimhe
An tSr Fionnbharr Nic Chárthaig
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0020, Page 0080

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0020, Page 0080

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  3. XML “Toibreacha Beannaithe - Tobar Seibhne”
  4. XML “Toibreacha Beannaithe”
  5. XML “Toibreacha Beannaithe”

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  1. Long ago the Irish and English were fighting at our Lady’s well near Athenry. The Irish were driven back as far as our Lady’s well and there they began to pray to Our Lady. On the 15th of August the Irish begged the English to cease fighting in honour of Our Lady but the English would pay no heed to them, so they began to fight and the Irish prayed to Our Lady and so on that day they routed the English with great slaughter and from that day to this Our Lady is honoured on August the 15th and on September the 8th the people go around the well 15 times and say the rosary. There is a little stone near the well and it is called the headache stone and they also make visits around this stone and they say that it is good for headaches.
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