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    There was a woman one time lived in the County Wexford.

    There was a woman one time lived in the county Wexford. She was a very poor woman. All she had was a little garden in the back of the ourse and she used to have al kinds of vegetables growing in this garden. She used to sell there of course in the town and she used to get a fairly good price for them in the beggining of the season.
    The woman had three beautiful daughters, but she thought there was nobody in the world good enough for them. A lot of young men would come to the widow's home to look for a wife, but it made no matter who they were they were always turned away again. This went on for a long time the mother wouldn't allow any of the daughters to marry, although they were coming in droves to the place looking for wives. The young girls didn't like it at all. They often asked their mother would she now allow
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