School: Eanach Mór (roll number 13912)

Annagh More, Co. Mayo
Mártain Ó Braonáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0142, Page 81

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0142, Page 81

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  1. The Danes could make mead out of the heath + the Irish wanted to learn how to make it. The Irish caught a Dane + his son. They were to kill one of the Danes. The father told them to kill the son + they did. The father said "Well ye can kill me now" He would not tell them how to make it. He knew that if he was killed the son would tell them. They let the Dane go.
    The Danes could make beer out of the heather. The Irish caught the father + the son one day, + they wanted to make them tell how the beer was made. The father said "If you kill the son I will tell you" The Irish killed the son and the father said "ye can kill me because I will never tell." He knew that they would make the son tell if he was alive.
    One time there was a man and he used to live in the mountains and he was very good in making wine. So one day the people caught him and wanted to know how he used to make it and he was going to tell them. But his father came and told them to kill him and himself would tell them. So they killed the son and then the father said "Kill me now but ye will not hear how it is made" All the father wanted was to kill the son because he was telling everybody and then they knew how to make it and that was taking the call off the other man.
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    Mártain Ó Braonáin