School: Eanach Mór (roll number 13912)

Annagh More, Co. Mayo
Mártain Ó Braonáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0142, Page 93

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0142, Page 93

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  3. XML “Killing Calves and Foals”
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  5. XML “The Seal Changes into a Woman”

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    at the door. A voice said "Here's the man that fears nothing." A man came out of the coffin & he told the caretaker that when he was on earth he had a bull & a horse. The poor people that could not pay him for the hire of any of them he used to bring the young calves or foals. He gave money to the caretaker to pay the people for all the calves or foals & no one was ever killed in it again.
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  2. One time a man named O'Dowd was out near the sea and caught a seal. He took off the thing for swimming and the seal was a woman. The two got married and they had three in family. One fair day when the father was gone the mother asked the children did they see any thing at their father. One of them seen him putting it in a stack of oats. She went out and tumbled the stack and got the thing for swimming. She went away and the children followed her and she changed them into three stones on the shore. She said that when them stones would disappear Ireland would be free. She said too the O'Dowds never to have luck until the seal would come in at Cnoc na Cach. When she went out she got sorry and she sent in the seal and he was just
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