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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0006

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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0006

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    There was a woman wan time and she had three sons.

    There was a woman wan time and she had three sons. She lived in a small thatched house She had a few acres of land and of course they found it hard enough to live. About the time this story starts the eldest boy was about twenty-one years of age, the second eldest was nineteen and the youngest was .
    They were happy enough on their small farm although they were poor. When the eldest boy reached his twenty first birthday
    he got sick and the priest and doctor done all in their power to cure him, but it was all no use, for in six months time he was laid in the clay. His poor mother, and his two brothers were in a bad state after his death.
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    4 June 1936
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    AT0759: God's justice Vindicated
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