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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0285

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    There were two fellows one time...

    There were two fellows one time and they were in a house beside the Slaney river. It was about twelve o clock at night and the talk arose about swimming, and both of them said that they were very good swimmer. One of them then said that he was a better swimmer than the other, and the other said that he wasn't that he himself was by far the better man. One word borrowed another and the end of it was that they decided to go out and swim accross the Slaney, and it was in the middle of the Winter, and they were sitting over a warm fire. Anyhow they got into the water and started to swim accross the Slaney and back, a distance of about one hundred and fifty yards. One of the men was by far the better swimmer, and when he was half was accross the other was only gone a quarter of the journey.
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