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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0466

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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0466

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    It is surprising what stories one hears...

    It is surprising what stories one hears in this county about fairies and raths. Almost every rath or fort or lis in this country has has some history and it is the old folk's strong belief that fairies still live in them. They say that the fairies have certain paths or that they travel in Whirlwinds or they hold their meetings on mushrooms. When some of the old folk would be telling a story about fairies they would talk in a kind of a whisper as if they were afraid that the "good people" would hear them.
    There is a story told about a man that never believed in fairies at all and said it is all nonsense about them. He said that such things were only invented in order to frighten children. This man one time was building a house and
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    20 August 1936
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