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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0205a

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    When John noticed five or six rats...

    when John noticed five or six rats in the corner of his room. "Well the curse of Cromwell" may right on you for rats" says he and he ran to the deck and he was about to jump into the water when he saw another ship beside going in the same direction. John jumped from his own ship onto this wan. and the first thing he did was asked wan of the men where the ship was goin. He was told that that she was goin to Waterford John then was delighted and he was shown into a room after he had produced his ticket. He was afraid of his life that he would see some rats on her, but he could see none. Anyhow he decided to remain on board whether their were rats or not for he had got trouble enough without goin through anymore. there were
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