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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0270

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    There was a man once and he had an evil eye.

    There was a man once and he had an evil eye. There was no harm in the eye until he was twenty wan years of age. Then it suddenly became bad and it was said that he could kill people with wan look of it. If he didn't kill the people by looking at them it would almost be as bad for they wouldn't have any luck at all. Their horses and cattle would die or something else would happen to them. So he had to keep that eye covered all the time when he began to find out that it wasn't good. But sometimes he would forget himself and take the covering off it and then something awful would happen. Four or five times it happened that he uncovered this eye. One night he was coming home from the town and going full of beer. He was hardly able to walk he was so bad. So he ran down in the ditch and rested for
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    3 July 1936
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