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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0409

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    There was a man wan time coming home from the fair...

    There was a man wan night coming home from the fair of Taghmon and he was fairly full. He was after being in a public house and they were all talking about fairies. He was the only man that was in the crowd who didn't believe in fairies at all. When he was coming home he had to pass by an old rath and just as he was passing by it a great gust of wind came and swept him off his feet and he found himself going down across the fields and he landed in the rath. When he landed in the rath, the ground opened and he went down and down and at last he came to a place that was all lit up with grand lamps and he found himself being carried along until at last he was in a great hall and it was crowded out with thousands and thousands of fairies. When
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    7 August 1936
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