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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0253

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  1. There used to be great fights and feuds between parishes and baronys long ago and Adamstown used to be a great place for that. About sixty seven or seventy years ago this used to take place. They used to fight on the fairs and at the races, especially when people would have a sup of drink taken for it was ? that time and nearly anyone would be able to buy what would make them drunk for a shilling. In fact they would never fight at all only when they had drink taken. Almost at every fair when the buying and selling would be over and the men would all go off to the public houses, the fighting would start. They would use big blackthorn sticks for the purpose and it is often people came home with their bones broken and had to stay in bed for a week or so.
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    13 July 1936
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