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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0067

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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0067

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    There was a man one time and he had a hump on his back.

    There was a man one time and he had a hump on his back. It was on his back from his infancy. One night he was out late and he was passing through a great wood when a crowd of fairies followed him, and they were saying “Dé Luain, Dé Máirt, Dé Céadaoin”. They were all saying this together and saying over and over again. Then they stopped altogether when they came near this fellow with the hump on his back, and then he said “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday”. When he was finished speaking the hump left his back and he was the same as any ordinary man. He looked around and he could see no fairies at all so he went home, and you may be sure that he was delighted with himself, and all his friends were delighted and they were all gathered in his house that night and they danced away ‘till morning. Sometime
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    19 June 1936
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    AT0503: The Gifts of the Little People
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