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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0297

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  1. The Redmond Eviction
    I have heard the true story of the above eviction. These people were living in Tomfarney, and they were very poor, being hardly able to live. The hadn't what, would make up the rent for themselves and of course the Maddocks came this night Christmas eve night and turned them out of their home. There was a man and his wife and a couple of children. They had to seep in an old kiln. These are very plentiful in this country, people used to burn lime in them long ago. Anyhow there is a place in under them and a person could sleep in it without getting wet. Redmond and his wife and family went to this kiln and settled their bed there. When they awakened in the morning the wife made the breakfast and it was there in
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    16 July 1936
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