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    There was a king wan time and he had a beautiful daughter.

    The was a woman wan time and she had a son named Jack. Jack's father was married twice. Jack had two step brothers, this time that the story starts. There was nobody in the house but himself and his mother. His father was dead and he left the farm and what was on it to Jack and his mother. The two step-brothers of course didn't like this, and they had to go and earn their living with an old aunt who had another farm of land and a whole lot of stock, but she also had a younger sister who was away from home and neither of the brothers therefore would fall in for the land.
    Jack and his mother were living away fine and contented for themselves and all that was troubling Jack's mother was that her boy was a bit wild, and wouldn't save what he'd do. There was a
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    20 July 1936
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    AT1119: The Ogre Kills his Own Children
    AT1735: “Who Gives his Own Goods shall Receive it Back Tenfold.”
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    AT1535: The Rich and the Poor Peasant
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