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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0161

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  1. In this county if a person dies before twelve o'clock at night, we'll say before twelve o'clock on Saturday night, he will be buried on Monday. But if he dies after twelve o'clock he will be buried on Tuesday. When the person dies he is laid out of course by two women generally next door neighbours. Then the people all come to the wake. On the first night of the wake there wouldn't be a big crowd, as only the deceased person's relations would be there. Women generally go to the wake in the daytime. They walk in to the wake room and the first thing they do is kneel down and say a few prayer's for the dead person, and then they would sit down in the room, and comfort the deceased person's wife or husband as the case may be, saying "I'm sorry for
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    24 June 1936
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