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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0443

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    There was a boat load of fish came into Kilmore...

    There was a bot load of fish came into Kilmore one day and the people of the boat wanted to sell them of course. There was a gentleman living at the Quay that time and he said that he would buy some of the fish if they would clean them out for him. He said that he lived by himself and didn't know anything at all about fish. They said they would of course and he bought a dozen from them and then they started to clean them out. When they were cleaning them out they came upon a powerful big fish and when they opened him a big hare jumped out of it and ran away like the divil. When the hare was gone along the road about one hundred yards, and was passing by a farmer's place a hound ran after it and it wasn't long until he caught it.
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    15 August 1936
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