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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0259

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    When I was a young and airy and full of heart in rambling.

    When I was young and airy and full of heart in rambling I took great delight no sea port town could ease my mind to Dublin straight I went. Ha! Ha! that was one of he finest cities in Ireland, and the shops too if I might say it. I could get two tuppenny loaves for fourpence a quart of beer for threepence and several other things if money would hould out. But my poor purse was soon got light. I went away like a huck eat out of a sealloch. I met with a '[?]' plea on board a man of war Ah that was the divils own man o'war. There were monkeys there with long jackets put you aboard whether you would like it or not. Says I to myself I'll do all I can in the battle of cleverness.
    No sooner I said it than I done it. I crept down an ould hatchway
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    13 July 1936
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