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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0448

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    Aboutone hundred years ago there were curious cars...

    About one hundred years ago there were curious cars in this part of the county. The wheels were one round block of wood and there were no bands on them. The axle used to turn around with the wheels. The axle then was resting on some piece of iron and that would require grease every half mile of the road. Some horses wouldn't be able to draw any more than two bags of corn. In one case there was a man going to town and when he came to a hill the horse wasn't able to draw the two bags of corn to the top of the hill so the man got one of the bags on his own back and went off up the hill and didn't appear to be half as "hard set as the horse. There was a carpenter in Ballymagyr and he was the first man to make a proper wheel in the county. That as about one hundred years ago.
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    15 August 1936
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