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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0383

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  1. Whirlwinds or "She-gees" as the people in Wexford call them are supposed to be the fairies travelling around from place to place. The fairies used to travel in them long ago and some people say that they travel in them still. It is courted very dangerous to be in the say of a She-gee for a person could be disfigured for life or if it was a small child that was in it, it might be taken away with them and a fairy changling left in the place of it. When a whirlwind comes along a person should throw what-ever they had in their hand after it. supposing it was their pipe or their purse or whatever it would be, if not they might be disfigured or wouldn't have any luck for seven years.
    There was once a man out in a hay field
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