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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0225

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  1. There is a great belief in fairies in the Wexford. Almost every place a farmer goes he will fear fairy stories. The most of the people believe in them and what is more they believe in them up to the present day, and wouldn't for the world have anything to do with places that belong to them. For instance a large (?) which has got the name of a fairy (?) or rings in fields in which the mushrooms grow or old raths or forts or anything of that kind.
    There in an old (?) in boola Fullawn and it is there for thousands of years and it was always believed that the fairies had something to do with it. None of the old people would alow anybody to meddle with it or molest in any way, for fear of the good people. It is very
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    11 July 1936
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