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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0459

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    There was a man once who had a great farm of land..

    There was a man once who had
    a great farm of land, and he had
    a lot of money also. There was
    a man working with him for
    over thirty years, and this man's
    name was Mike Nolan. His
    employer's name was Tom Walsh
    Mike Nolan was in Tom Walsh's
    employment from the time that
    he left off going to school. He
    was a very good workman and knew
    all the ins and outs of the place.
    Tom Walsh often went away on
    his holidays and remained away
    for a couple of weeks, but when
    he would come back all the work
    would be done just the same as
    if he was there himself. Mike
    Nolan took as much interest in
    the place as if it really belonged
    to himself. They lived away
    together for almost thirty years
    and Mike Nolan hadn't such good
    pay at all, although the man whom
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    16 August 1936
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