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The Main Manuscript Collection, Volume 0221, Page 0070

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    There were three fellows in Killurin wan time...

    There were three fellows in Killarvin wan time and they were trying to find out which of them could tell the biggest lie. The first fellow said that he was travelling on a ship one time an' it was an awful big ship. There were twenty acres under it. There were four acres of a meadow in it and his acres of potatoes, and there was a great big orchard in it. "Ah that'll do" says one of the other men "that couldn't be the case. "It was the case" says the first man "and another thing there were three chaps sent home for being caught in the orchard"
    "Well" says the second man "that's a fairly good bit alright, but I had fifty cows want time milking and I advertised for five chaps to mike these cows and I'd give
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    19 June 1936
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